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Use the discount to give yourself a treat at buybuybaby. Terms and conditions apply. Enjoy the great promotion from buybuybaby. First-time subscribers get a one single item mobile offer for in-store or online use on a future purchase. When you're expecting a baby, somehow Buy Buy Baby finds out and they will bombard you with Posted by Mansi N. Brought to you by yahoolocal. Posted on April 30, Brought to you by merchantcircle. Recommended 0 Not Recommended 0. Average Rating 3 Total Reviews 1 Leave a review with: Helen MacKinven gets right to the heart of Carol's sorrow as her words tumble on to the pages, to be read by nobody, and so so personal.

Along comes Dan, the guy who appears to be the answer to their prayers, but don't be fooled. Buy Buy Baby is a modern, up-to-date novel, written with wit and perception. The author deals elegantly with issues that are discomforting at times, but she does it with incredible understanding and compassion. It is quite a gift to incorporate humour alongside darkness without appearing to undermine the importance of the themes of the story. This is a well plotted story with characters who are vibrant and brilliantly drawn and I love the humour and the essence of Glasgow that is central.

However, I do struggle with dialect and although not all of the dialogue is written this way, some of it it. This is purely a personal thing, something that is my failing as a reader, and certainly not a criticism of this clever author, lets face it, dialect hasn't done any harm to the career of Irvine Welsh and lots of readers love it. I do think that it's worth mentioning though, but don't let it put you off..

Stylish, imaginative and witty, Buy Buy Baby comes with a recommendation from me http: Jun 17, Love rated it really liked it. There is absolutely nothing to see here; please move along.

At times the characters in Buy Buy Baby baffled me as much as many of my female friends and at points had me trying to shake some sense into them through the pages of my Kindle. Speaking of Kindle, my review is of a relatively early Kindle draft which contained a couple of continuity blips which left me a little confused. As they were all ironed out in the final draft, there is no need to dwell on them or my sanity here. Buy Buy Baby is a character driven novel which often looks at events from multiple perspectives.

This can have the effect of making progress a little slow but I like the twisting interpretations that this provides. I am the first to admit that what I think is not necessarily what I say or do and it is nice to see this reality captured in a book. The structure of Buy Buy Baby should also be commended. Helen MacKinven takes two very different characters with completely different motivations and presents them with the same dilemma. This makes the moral questions more apparent and will make the reader question how they might have responded in similar circumstances.

If this is your cup of tea then I am sure you will love it. Time taken to read - 1 day Publisher - Cranachan Pages - Blurb from Goodreads What price tag would you put on a baby? Carol talks to her dog, has an expensive eBay habit and relies on wine to forget she's no longer a mum following the death of her young son. My Review Two women living in Glasgow, Carol who, life as she knew it halted after her son's death and is now filled with Ebay impulse buys and talking to, and for, her dog Jinky.

And Julia, a career driven woman with disastrous online dating attempts and a ticking biological clock. The two women could not be more different but both have a longing for a baby and one man could be the answer to their prayers. I don't often comment on book covers, although to be fair, of late, I have found myself drawn to or passing comment on some. Buy Buy Baby sports the face of a doll with piercing blue eyes which I think most people would stop for a gander passing it on a bookshelf.

This is MacKinven's second book and sports her trademark humor stamp but also having, a deeper, more adult feel to it. The themes cover grief, loss, love, relationships, abuse, friendship and many more infused with Glasgow humour whilst tackling some dark subjects. Looking at how one woman tries to cope with the loss of a child and get through everyday with the other coming to realise something is missing in her life and just how far each will go to obtain their goal.

I think this book may stir up a host of emotions for many readers, the content addresses some brutal aspects of adult life that many readers may have experienced or identify with. I look forward to more from this author and you can get a copy for yourself from 7th July from any good retailer. Jul 28, Sharon rated it really liked it. Are you looking for a Scottish read that will transport you right inside the heads of two very different women with one common aim?

One that will have you reminiscing over friendships, bad relationship choices and the quandaries that life throws at us all? A bittersweet and poignant read laced with that well-known Glasgow gallows humour? Then pick up Buy Buy Baby and give it a go! Carol and Julia are two very different women but they have one thing in common, they both are yearning for a baby.

Ju Are you looking for a Scottish read that will transport you right inside the heads of two very different women with one common aim? Just how far are they prepared to go to make that dream come true? Buy Buy Baby is the story of these two women whose circumstances are very different — Carol is divorced and in pieces following the death of her son, Ben; she is in debt and has no idea just how much longer she is going to be able to survive; Julia is a career woman whose biological clock is ticking and is close to exploding; being a devoted aunt to her niece Holly is no longer enough and she wants her own child.

In steps Dan, Dan has a plan — but what will the cost be to each of the women and are they prepared to go through with it? Just throwing that out there as you all know that is my go-to choice for fiction! Instead Bye Bye Baby has just given me a fabulous journey alongside two very different, but essentially very Scottish and indeed Glaswegian women who have their mindset on just one thing…a baby!

Carol and Julia — two very different women but I warmed to them both immediately; their vulnerability was clear despite the way they both covered it up and there was something about them both that I could see in myself and indeed in many women I know. It was kind of like crawling into the heads of your best pals and going on a night out with them; I found myself laughing with them, wanting to cry with them and wanting to knock Dan into next year with them too!

What a sleaze ball he is! This is an excellent example of a character driven novel; of course, the plot is important but the characters are the driving force of Bye Bye Baby.

Buy Buy Baby explored the complexities of female relationships, parenthood, grief, domestic abuse and heartbreak but with a special twist of humour added that gave it that little extra oomph! As well as the characters, this novel gave me something that I adore — that sense of place — set in and around Glasgow, the author uses fictional names for the towns but oh I sooooo recognised them indeed I am sure one of them is right next to me and the woodland walk just reminds me so much of the walk that I take my dog!

So every page I turned I felt that not only was I inside the head of the character, I was also in the very location with them and this is always a bonus for me! There is lots of local dialects Glaswegian and Doric as Carol is originally from the North East of Scotland but this is easy to work out in the context of the conversations and it added to the authenticity of the book for me. Oct 02, Snoakes rated it really liked it. Buy Buy Baby is the story of two single women, both desperate to have a baby.

Being child-free by choice, the ticking biological clock is not something I can identify with, but that doesn't stop this being a good read. The two characters are well written - the dark Scottish humour lifts the narrative throughout. Although personally I found Julia's sudden 'need' to have a baby despite always professing she never wanted to be a mother slightly stereotypical, that must be the reality for some.

I gu Buy Buy Baby is the story of two single women, both desperate to have a baby. I guess it grated on me because people always say to you when you choose not to have children "You'll change your mind when you get older".

The general depiction of women is pretty spot on - simultaneously warm, loving, bitchy, backstabbing, strong, desperate, loyal and selfish.

The men don't come off too well though - they are all cheating, abusive, self-obsessed and manipulative. The plot is somewhat far-fetched but it's an interesting idea - how far would someone go to get what they want?

Sep 01, Michaela rated it really liked it. This book is an easy read except for the dialogue passages where the author uses Scottish slang - this is exceptionally hard to read when you are not a native speaker, but it is bearable. It was interesting to see the same kind of story unravelling from two different points of view, from two different women.

At one point, when their lives intertwined, I got a bit confused about whose story I am reading, but I should have expected that they would meet at one point.

What I did mind a bit was the This book is an easy read except for the dialogue passages where the author uses Scottish slang - this is exceptionally hard to read when you are not a native speaker, but it is bearable. I would like to see this scenario becoming true in real life Other than that, nice read with some funny passages.

May 16, Barbara Henderson rated it it was amazing. Enjoyed the dual narrative, related to and appreciated the portrayal of our messy morals and muddled motivations. This book leaves some pretty indelible memories.

Jun 23, Joanne rated it it was amazing. I have met the author Helen MacKinven a couple of times and her distinctive writing voice really comes across in her writing. In Buy Buy B I have met the author Helen MacKinven a couple of times and her distinctive writing voice really comes across in her writing.

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