Newborn Essentials Checklist: Save money with just the baby basics

Navy and White Check Dress with Hand Embroidered Pink Flowers.

Resist the urge to buy everything new, and stock up on USED baby essentials first. The right angle… The breast feeding list was good. If I stuck with the recommended list of necessities for cloth diapers I would have to wash them every 2 days.

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Navy and White Check Dress with Hand Embroidered Pink Flowers.

They will survive just fine without one. On the other hand, there are things that, of course, are necessary for a baby, such as a car seat, stroller, crib, a highchair or booster seat, some clothes and diapers. Everything else is extra. As a reference, here is a great article and checklist on newborn essentials. I fully agree with ur lists of essential must have 4 a new born baby.

What did you miss? I would put either a stroller or a carrier as a must-have though. We use the Pack N Play as our changing table too. I have to say that it was the best buy in terms of both value and practicality. Great list and thank you for publishing! I do have to add though, as much as we tried to resist it, having a video monitor is soooooooo nice and gives a new mom such peace of mind.

But once we had it we could never go back — it is so great to be able to check on our baby any time without disturbing her! I feel more free to get things done — cook, watch TV or take a bath. You cannot use an ear thermometer on a baby. Their ears are too small and will give an inaccurate reading.

I just discovered this list. One item I could not do without was a rocking chair. My mother inlaw bought me a used bentwood rocker. I would lay a regular bedroom pillow across the arms while sitting and this was exactly the right height for baby to breast feed.

Fussy babies were soon off to sleep if I gently rocked them while humming. Later I gifted the chair to another young mom. My personal favorite German blog is schnabelina. I plan to use cloth diapers, and as of now I already collect flannel sheet sets whenever I at tag sales or thrift stores, and I make them in to prefold diapers. For diaper patterns, I plan to use the free patterns offered from WAHM friendly designers baabaababy. It was great, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The only items I ever purchased new was her crib mattress, and car seat because I wanted to be totally sure that it was safe for her to ride in or God forbid to protect her in an accident and her diapers and wipes. Now that I know better, I would just sew reusable cloth diapers and wipes.

Thank you so much! This is exactly what we have been looking for! I understand that it is exciting and everything look so inviting and too cute but you are right that you only need a few thing the first 3 months. They grow so fast and they will out grow the cloths before they can have a chance to wear them if you but a lot. Great advice, but why are you assuming that those of use who are using disposables would necessarily be using disposable wipes as well?

We use disposable diapers and washcloths for wiping! I saved a reusable container that had wipes I received at a baby shower and filled it with wet baby facecloths. I would put the dirty ones in plastic bag along with the soiled diapers and washed them together. I had rubber pants for over the cloth diapers not so many leaks Do they still make those? KT — thanks so much for this list.

And definitely no money to splurge on new stuff. Your explanation on the different washable nappies is greatly appreciated too! I have a cousin giving me a lot of her washable nappy stuff, of various makes, and it helps to understand what the heck I am looking at.

They are super easy to make and just as easy to use and traditional disposable wipes. Thank you so much for putting this together. This list will be a huge help to me. Disposable diapers are filled with carcinogens and other toxins, including those linked with TSS. Disposable wipes are not the only thing you should be warning parents about.

I have never heard of any child having TSS from diapers in my 30 plus years as a parent, even with tampons you have to use them for extraordinary length of time,using an absorbency that is to high for flow. Any substance on earth is toxic if ingested in large amounts including everyday foods.

Parenting is hard enough as it is. I read and hear so many alarming facts these days ,I wonder where commonsense has gone. All three of my first children used some disposible diapers and some cloth diapers. My last a set of twins ,now 16 wore only Pampers. My oldest is 33 yrs. I also have 3 grandchildren who wore only disposibles.

None have cancer or Tss. All my children were potty trained by 2. The youngest at 18 months her choice her diapers were dry and she kept removing them and took training pants out of her own dresser and put them on. There are MUCH bigger things to worry about as you move through your parenting years.

Do not feel guilty if you use disposible diapers or cannot breastfeed. A relaxed happy mom is better for baby. My girlfriends put in together and brought me a Baby Setup box, it was the ultimate baby checklist in the one box. All the little bits and pieces I needed. Best gift ever, saved me time running around and money and I was ready for my baby. I totally recommend it to all my pregnant girlfriends and always suggest it as a Baby Shower gift because I appreciated it so much. Thanks so much for the list!

Definitely needed a good baby basics list. Especially, if your place is larger or has two or more levels. When the TV is on, it can be very difficult to hear her, even with the volume down.

Not so big a deal with a 5-yr-old, but you definitely want to KNOW when your newborn is calling, even if your parenting style bids you to pause a moment to see if they will settle.

I would add Vaseline if you are having a boy and plan to have him circumsized. Also on the receiving blankets, I would start with one or two or just the hospitals ones to see if your baby even likes being swaddled, and if so skip the cheaper ones and buy the more expensive ones bc you will be able to use them for much longer!

And I think a changing table is a waste of money, we have a really nice one, had it for almost 5 years now and I think we used it for about 3 diaper changes, it is so much easier to change them on the bed or on a blanket on the floor. And if breast feeding I would wait to buy bottles, neither of my kids ever took a bottle and we wasted a bunch of money on them!

Of course if you will not be a SAHM you will need some, but just buy one or two and get different kinds bc you never know what kind they will like.

Thankfully my sister in law and I have had all boys and we have passed everything back and forth, the infant carseat was used for 5 kids and had lasted till it expired, and we have only bought one outfit for boy 3 and its his coming home outfit.

Do the same if you have family or close friends with kids, so worth it!! My daughter is expecting her second child, this time a boy. What I find amazing is that my grandmother had 6 children, all at home births, no electricity or running water, and raised them with little more than a few outfits apiece.

One of my aunts told me that she used a dresser drawer for her daughter one of my cousins as a bassinet. Both of my children were clothed from thrift stores until their teen years and everyone always commented how great they always looked not knowing their outfits were thrift store purchases. We were able to pay for both of their college educations and give each a down payment for each of their homes.

But I completely agree that its not logically or financially reasonable to go crazy and buy so many things when the first 6 months all the baby is going to do is sleep, eat and poop! I figure to start off with your suggested items and then once the baby turns One then get some more of the cute and fun stuff!

But where do I get some of these used clothes and all that i will need. Please help this is my first time. I love your baby checklist and find it as a great bare-minimum guideline. I do have a question about cloth diapers. Do they really save you money, time, and stress? If I stuck with the recommended list of necessities for cloth diapers I would have to wash them every 2 days. What is your take how much water is used, the time it takes to clean them, and the added stress of having to clean them every two days?

I would love to hear your opinion and more about your experience! I hope your girl is doing well! Cloth diapers—no matter how many you buy you Need to wash every 3 days or sooner.

It comes to one medium sized load. If you wait longer than 3 days they get nasty in the pail. Also I used a dry pail…just buy a kitchen size trash can. Get a reusable vinyl pail bag from like diaper junction online. Put the bag in the trash can and after you change the baby just scrape or fling poop into the toilet. They make plastic sticks to scrape with…gdiapers makes scrapers.

You can also get a sprayer to rinse poop into the toilet. Then toss diapers into pail. Launder every 2 to 3 days on hot cycle and tumble dry low. Nothing taking up precious storage that way. Mom of 5 here and let me say freecycle. Save your money for the car seat and a few special items coming home or holiday outfits. I like this list. Baby 2 and I dont want to over spend.

But I know I had 2 size 1 diapers for my daughter, and a newborn box, and she went through them super quick. And im sort of freaking out about this one because no clue how to do it. I love the comment about Vaseline for a boy, because thats what im having this time: O And im sort of freaking. Thank you for the list Kerry! He slept with us, used our blankets and breastfed.

It was SO much cheaper than the first and we enjoyed it much more. What does it need for sheets? Fitted sheets a plastic mattress protector? Also will the size of the pack n play be the normal size for any fitted bedding? For this bassinet attachment you use the insert provided. We swaddled our daughter in a bassinet and that was all we needed. Later I gifted the chair to another young mo. Save money with just the baby basics Kerry K. Pink is for girls: Robin from Frugal Family Times October 5, at 1: Jace October 5, at 1: All you missed was an awesome babysitter to give you and the hubby a break!

Kerry October 5, at 2: Jace So when they barf on one, you have a second one. Tori October 5, at 2: Jules October 5, at 9: Marcia October 6, at 6: The right angle… The breast feeding list was good.

Olivia October 6, at 7: Rebecca October 6, at 8: Emma October 6, at 8: Marcia Frugal Healthy Simple October 6, at 8: Tony Intangible Investor October 7, at 6: Sue October 7, at 9: Malcom baby items October 7, at 9: Zhu October 7, at 6: Kerry October 7, at 7: María October 7, at Thank you for this list, it is really useful, and congratulations on your baby, enjoy! Daisy Everything Finance October 8, at 7: Amanda October 8, at Lynn October 9, at 7: Laura October 9, at 9: Christa October 9, at Sunshine October 9, at Christine Weadick October 9, at 2: Karen October 9, at 3: Jessica October 9, at Hoh Xiao Mei October 11, at KT October 12, at 1: Marcia October 12, at 3: Taya Simply Frugal October 12, at 7: Amanda October 12, at 8: Jess October 12, at 9: Save Money with just the baby basics […].

Marcy October 14, at 6: Marcy October 14, at 7: Maggie SquarePennies October 26, at 8: Ashley November 7, at 9: KT November 8, at 1: TS January 18, at 6: Alicia May 16, at Anne July 22, at 8: Dominika October 14, at 7: Karen October 18, at 8: Melissa December 3, at 9: Amber Lloyd December 9, at 6: Carol Johnson December 20, at 1: Alexis Mascitti February 25, at Karen February 26, at 7: Cor March 21, at 3: I am sooooo envious of the Finns!

Amanda March 31, at Jennifer May 2, at 9: Sasha May 20, at 6: Karen May 31, at 4: Brailey August 15, at 2: Raymond November 19, at 2: Vicki January 1, at 2: Valeria March 21, at 8: Dorcas May 20, at 3: Mike May 24, at Chelsealynn July 6, at 9: Thank you for making this list. Any advice for a newbie with cloth diapering???

Rae August 3, at 9: Maria March 1, at 5: Dee April 10, at 4: Michelle Ringl August 9, at 2: Jen D - Bebe Wellness August 14, at Julie September 8, at 2: Katherine December 27, at 5: There were often hats, headbands, or blankets that always matched her gowns.

It was so fun to coordinate her outfits with the perfect accessories; I always thought it only further accentuated her natural beauty. Katie Rose's dresses and Ceremony Baby Gown are so pretty, that if a baby could walk a runway she would absolutely be wearing one of these styles! I personally loved the Leila gown. The sweet empire waistline was trimmed with exquisite powder pink rosettes laid gently against a background of white satin bows and leafy white fabric.

A breathtaking skirt of sheer white lace was covered in embroidery of tiny blooms and fell onto a hem trimmed in scalloped lace. White lace trimmed the wrists of the tiny sleeves for added elegance.

The paired bonnet is covered in the eye-catching, flower embroidered fabric and secured by dainty white satin ribbons. Katie Rose also fashions newborn coming home outfits without the dramatic skirts. Their vintage lace designed outfit is made in a comfortable two piece style with beautiful embellishments.

The matching bonnet was one of my favorite pieces my daughter wore. The large rosette centered by the shiny gold and pearl button was lovely to see. Lemon Loves Lime is a perfect example; their ruffled and girly designs are the pinnacle of beautiful infant girl clothes.

Whether you are bringing her home for the first time, or you are looking for a beautiful yet comfortable gown for your newborn, LaBella Flora is definitely the place to find everything you need. Bring her home wrapped in an extra elegant matching blanket to make her look even more beautiful than she already is. Let her enter the big wide world with her most fashionable foot forward. Every moment with your newborn may not be incredibly beautiful, but the first few can be as gorgeous as you want them to be with the help of a designer style for your new little girl.

View All in Designers. Same Day Shipping See Details. Call Toll Free Baby Girl Clothes mos. Designer infant girl clothes brands including Lemon Loves Lime, Haute Baby and Katie Rose just to name a few with baby gifts galore too. Finding a sweet newborn take me home set for your princess is easy. May we suggest a bringing home gown in pink?

Many of our designer brands offer coordinating items such a super soft blankets, couture headbands and socks. She will be ready for any photo opportunity at the hospital and at home. Make your selection and we will ship it fast! Little Prim Ollie Romper. Harvest Time Infant Longall. Parting of the Sea Longall. Gifts From Heaven Headband. Fairy Frost Newborn Gown.

Fairy Frost Infant Girls Coverall. Welcome Home Baby Gown Set.

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