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According to Toner it is difficult to establish when the "dot-dot-dot" phrase was first used. Award for Community Excellence A. Posted September 9, See also Warwick as a brand. Yes, this sight is very easy to use, once you figure out what range the different dots are configured for at your particular velocity.

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Step By Step: Sighting Your Crossbow (With Pictures)

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Jun 13,  · The dot is either red or green. When your blindfolds are removed, raise your hand if you see a green dot on anyone's forehead. When you know what color the dot is on your own forehead, stand up and proclaim it.

Eye relief is advertised as unlimited, but I found that to be not quite the case if you want all of the dots to line up right. With that said, a typical cheek-rest shooter will find no problem at all with the eye relief on this sight.

The three vertical dots are only illuminated in red, which is unfortunate. I would have liked to see a green illumination, since other crossbow sights in this price range offer dual illumination. I also found the dots to be less crisp than I like, but they are crisp enough for accurate shooting at all ranges.

A definite plus for this price point is the use of 3. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the illumination to green instead of red, so if you prefer green dots you might need to choose a different sight. There is no clear information on how to accurately determine the ranges for the different dots.

I found that I had to determine this information by trial and error, but I would have liked to see some more mathematical formula for calculating this information.

It withstands the heavy recoil of any firearm, and works perfectly with my TenPoint Titan crossbow. Where are the three countries that LEGOs are made in? What three countries are LEGOs made in?

Three countries in which LEGOs are made in? Three countries where LEGOs are made? What three countries made up the allies? What countries made up the big three? Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. What country is totebo dot com made in? How do you get the polka dot shirt on Fantage? He's been through a lot of hard things. First of, Oliver is not Australian and he has clear enough the meaning of that tattoo even though he's not latino he explains why he got the tattoo.

THANK YOU for calling him "pretty boy" because he is but if you don't know who he is you better do a research before commenting, you are the one becoming a joke here, like what the hell are you even talking about? I wasn't going to reply to your comment because that was long time ago but that really pissed me off. They all meant something else then they turned into gang meanings lol your the joke bud.

My fathers side originates for Monterry Mexico, so represents my Chicana pride as well. Not gang related for me personally.

A symbol can hold several different meanings. I say be free and take it how you want to. Same here, everyone asks me why I have it and think I was in a gang but its really just means la Vida local, yes I am Latino btw. I have them, it means wat it means TO ME. Live laugh love, murder death kill, fuck the gov, fuck the police, fuck you all, dont give strangers the power to dertimine what your tats mean, YOU yourself know what they mean to you, fuck what anyone else thinks of it.

Or you have these wannabes. You having these tattoo is an insult to my culture. Here is the real deal form someone who has the tattoo and has had it for over 25 years and was part of the culture that it originated in.

First of all, MS13 is not a Mexican gang. MS stands for Mara Salvatrucha translation: Now back to 3 dots tattoo. Also, only Surenos Southern CA use the 3 dots due to association of 13 as Northerners farmeros who use 14 will usually have 4 dots instead of 3. Due to current pop and hipster cultures you will see it more as they try to be "Urban" lol. But it did originate as a chicano gang or neighborhood thing.

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