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There is a thorough tutorial that will guide you through the design process.

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Dec 16,  · Since Levi's decided to make all their jeans uncomfortable (low rise, skinny legs even in non-skinny fit), I need to find some new jeans that fit similar to the old s (which I purchased in ). To clarify I want a normal rise, some room in the thighs and seat but not
Classic 60s 70s cult retro rocker flared jeans, fitted to thigh, with Shop Best Sellers · Deals of the Day · Fast Shipping · Read Ratings & Reviews/10 (1, reviews).
Turn baggy jeans into skinny jeans.

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Now the waistband forms a flap you can pull down over the top, so it looks all nice and neat. You could literally make this in five or ten minutes. I love the pretty flower ornament on the front. Here is another cute little project from the same blog. This gal has a lot of cool, creative ideas!

The skirt looks amazing both because of the design and because the person who made it did such an outstanding job on it. The instructions are in Cyrillic, but very easy to follow along with just the images, because this is actually a pretty simple project. This project is for a cute and handy craft apron which you can use to hold your supplies as you are working on your projects.

Here are a couple of more really pretty denim bracelets you can make using old jeans, rhinestone beads, lace, and fabric. There is no step-by-step with the images, but she does describe her steps in her tutorial. This is a pretty simple project if you are used to sewing! These denim corsages were inspired by chrysanthemums, and they are stunning to behold! What a gorgeous result!

Like the idea of denim corsages, but looking for something a little quicker and less involved? These denim corsages by Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home are just as beautiful, and a little less elaborate. This is a very simple, straightforward project for turning an old pair of jean shorts into a skirt. What is nice about this project is that you can also use it on pants, and you can make a longer skirt this way—as long as you want, if you have enough denim to fill the area between the legs on both sides.

This is a sewing-intensive project, but the instructions are incredibly detailed. This tutorial comes from the same website as the one above, Threading My Way. This one will teach you how to turn your old jeans into a cushion or pillow, complete with a cute little pocket. How cool is this cuff? I love all the ornamentation on it; it looks absolutely amazing!

If you have fraying old jeans which you cannot up-cycle into new attire, here is a project to make amazing use out of the scraps. You can weave a basket entirely out of denim. This would also be great for gifts. How clever is this? This denim placemat is absolutely adorable to look at, and it also has the added utility and convenience of the pocket for the utensils.

What a smart and witty way to keep the utensils in place. This would especially be helpful if you have your kids set the table and they tend to make a mess of the forks and knives. Just have them stash them in the pocket and you can sit down to a nice neat place setting. This denim case is designed to hang on your keychain and protect your iPod while making a clever fashion statement. You even learn how to add a zipper and a colorful interior lining.

The finished result looks so neat and complete it could have been store-bought. This project uses a jacket, but you could do it just as easily with your jeans, or with any object you create by repurposing them.

Earlier I shared a tutorial with you for drawing on jeans with a sharpie to create simple, bold, geometric designs. Now check out what is possible with a fine-tipped marker!

I love corsets as outerwear; they are a great way to dress up any outfit and give it a little something extra. This tutorial will show you how to create an amazing-looking corset using your old jeans. This one was based on an old Victorian pattern. This is the perfect way to create a look which combines classic styles with contemporary materials.

I was clueless as to what a draught excluder was, but if you have a door with a substantial crack under it, you probably know exactly what it is.

You place it in front of the door and it covers up the crack, keeping the cold air from blustering in. The leg of a jean is just the right size and shape to convert easily into a pretty and effective draught excluder. Learn how with this tutorial! If your pencil can or jar is looking rather drab, why not jazz it up with a bit of denim and some other fabric scraps?

While the finished result looks spectacular, this project actually is surprisingly easy and straightforward. Make use of one of the seams and you get that lovely, finished look. Embellish your denim pencil can however you want. Not only can you make a small craft apron for yourself out of old jeans, but you can also make a larger craft apron for a child that provides fuller coverage.

Your kid will love them, and so will you! Here is a seasonal project which is perfect for fall, and just in time for Halloween! There is a full tutorial available; you have to scroll down to the bottom of the blog entry to find it. What a cute way to decorate this year. Duffle bags are awesome for everything, and this one is really incredible to look at.

This is one of those projects I never would have guessed was a DIY. Are you a bookworm? This is a simple, fast, and fun project to create a bookmark out of an old denim scrap. The bookmark hugs the page of your book, making it easy to flip right to where you are reading. The heart shape is adorable, but this is a project that would be easy to personalize with a shape of your choice.

This tutorial teaches you how to make an adorable bib for a baby. Make sure you go with softer denim for this one, maybe denim that has had a fair bit of wear. That way it is comfortable for the baby. The durability of denim makes it an excellent choice for a baby bib since it can stand up to any amount of chewing or other misuse. This would be a great project to make for your own baby, or a wonderful gift for a friend or family member.

Now you know exactly what to gift at your next baby shower! Earlier I linked you to a tutorial for creating a wreath out of denim scraps. Here is a link to another project from Restyled Junk , the same blog that brought us those cute little Halloween pumpkins.

This wreath is made out of the seams from discarded jeans. It has a very nice, neat look, very different from the other equally cool wreath we shared earlier. Even with very basic sewing skills, you should be able to do a great job.

This cute bag will get a lot of compliments! This tutorial helps you convert shower curtain hooks into closet organizers using strips of old denim. Now I know what I can do with them! Remember the cool wreath project I shared a few items back which was made out of jean seams? Here is something else equally amazing you can do with them.

I love the finished look of this bag, especially with the different shades of blue all mixed together like that. It looks really artsy! It will take more work to do this by hand, but it can still be done! What I love about this project is that you can cut any shapes you want, so you can really let your creativity run wild here. If ever I want to boost my sewing confidence, I make a skirt. I love that you could use any fabric scraps you wanted for this and create a unique look.

You can also decide how much flair the skirt will have based on how you cut the strips. When kids kick balls around, they subject them to plenty of wear and tear, and these denim play balls would hold up great to that.

There is a thorough tutorial that will guide you through the design process. Your kids will love these! This is a craft which helps you make supplies for other crafts! Using this tutorial, you learn how to cut strips of denim and paint them with acrylic paints. You then roll them up into beads and glue them. The finished beads can be used for a variety of craft projects, and are of course perfect for jewelry.

I love the bright colors! You can use this same type of acrylic paint in your other denim projects to get these bold, vivacious hues. Remember the amazing denim placemats from before? Now you can have a matching set of denim napkins! This is a very simple and straightforward tutorial. Read the written instructions above the images so you know what to do with each step. Related Products Process technology Color Size 1.

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And second, these jeans are being fabricated, as in pre-Spandex days, of raw, unwashed selvage denim — woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms, with a traditional non-raveling edge, in percent. Looking for something more? AliExpress carries many old fashioned jeans related products, including old fashioned suits, boy jeans old, old boy jeans, old fashioned overalls, old fashioned denims, old style suits, old jeans baby, old style suit, old fashioned vest. Sep 24,  · (There's always some old Gap denim, too.) The chances of finding a pair old enough, new enough and in OP's size are pretty slim, though. But I've seen plenty of really old stuff at GW.

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