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They said no I went back and forth good 3 weeks. He lied to the police, since when is asking for the time a manager will be available, considered a prank call? What makes this appalling is the customer was a very senior citizen. This will give Amazon customers a chance to have their packages delivered to a place other than their home or office.

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Watch video · ICE targets four stores in metro Detroit looking for undocumented immigrant workers. Looking for undocumented immigrants, ICE targets 98 7-Eleven stores in U.S., 4 of them in metro Detroit.
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She tells everyone buisness and talks crap about all the employees. She told the assistant manager today that she was gonna find a rason to hurt my feelings and go off on me. She even threathened me. Ofcourse we had words about that. I was raised to be a respectful person, but I am on edge because I didn't do a thing to be treated like shit.

To make matters worse after talking to the owner about how she speaks to me and about threathening me, he said she cares about u He wouldn't even let me finish telling him. Only reason I started working there was because I was laid off and needed a job and still there because I need to pay my bills and haven't found anything else yet.

I don't care how she feels about me or how she tries to hurt my feelings. I just want corporate to learn the type of managers and owners they have in their franchise. I can understand am going through the same thing at e. Forney, TX location has a cashier very arrogant. Will try to taunt you with smart ass comments to your face. I have called the number provided on the door for the owner to call back, no return call.

I called the store and left my number, no return call. All I want is gas or coffee.. Not some arrogant Ghetto girl with a smartass attitude.

I agree with the previous complaints. Some people should not be dealing with the public. I feel like if you are not a people person retail is not your occupation.

There is a cashier that works there, that shouldn't even have a job, it's beyond me how she has kept her position thus far. She is rude, she never smiles and is very arrogant. I have had several experiences with her and I feel that she should have been fired a long time ago. She has attitude when I asked for freshly cooked egg rolls and she has went as far as to knocking my money off the counter because I have O.

Regardless of whether I put it on the counter or not, it was rude for her to knock it off the counter. I was proud of myself because the old me would have whipped her Apple snack, snack, if you know what I mean. I was really starting to like coming back to my community store at until they fired the best guy at night shift he was are 7-eleven guy we trusted him he made us fill protected and didn't take any bull crap from llow life scums that was robbing us ,stealing out of the store making our store go down the drain he made a difference to me and the community he love his job and I respect that young man for that take it easy Michael your the best.

Williams they need to do an audit on the store or corporate need to sneak up on them. Your corporation recently bought out our little gas station in Mountainair, NM When we heard you were coming in we were excited.

The only change was to raise our gas prices. Same little dirty store as ever. No change in the store at all. Same old pumps and now it is even harder to use them. Was certainly hoping for much more. Why does this store keep denying respect to Military and Law Enforcement. Please Utah friends read all of this!!!!

This happened to a female marine vet today! This morning of the way to equine therapy I did what I do every Thursday at 8am.

I do it knowing the race of people behind the counter, this helping me therapeutically to know not all people of this race will hurt me.

The man in front of me got a huge smile from the employee and a have a nice day as he walked out. He then stared me down as he rung me up. I paid as it hit me what he saw. I went into flashbacks and all I could hear in my head was a voice saying "leave, don't say anything or you'll kill him". I couldn't say a word as I stared him down and left.

I was so angry, flashing, shaking so hard I could barely drive, had tears in my eyes. I called an amazing buddy and told him my thoughts, feelings, and needed an ear. He was all of that. I had to talk at therapy, ball my eyes out several times today, driving, in the shower, and while just sitting petting my puppies.

I ask this as my one way to have justice on what this guy said to me. I know some won't get this, some will, and I beg you to please allow this to be my justice. No one should ever be able to say that to another over a shirt they wear in the USA, because where they came from. I did him no harm except buy something from him. Her Hoodie had a Marine Emblem on it. I want to pay with my ebt card, and then the rest on my debit card and I dont want to buy any candy it makes me sick.

And he said "Really, u cant afford to spend 20 cents on a candy?? Don't threaten me by asking for my card!!! And by law they are required to tell you their name, but Officer Conyers refused to do so, and I'm assuming it's bc he knew what he was doing was wrong and unprofessional.

But anyways, bottom line, Charlie needs to be terminated from immediately. He is an angry, old, white male, gray hair, fang necklace, irrate, hostile, quick tempered, complete liar, aggressive, manipulator, drug addict, and files false police reports, verbally abusive, curses, slams the cash register, throws my food into the bag, doesnt know how to take payments correctly, overall just rude, misogynistic, harassing, mean, unprofessional, tries to make me buy items I dont want and then tells me I'm cheap, no, I'm disabled and have no income.

He called the cops on me because I was sitting at the pump explaining to my friend why i came back with no food or drinks. And he refused to tell me when the manager would be in, and when I called the store to ask when the manager would be in he hung up on me 3 times after I simply said "Sir can you please tell me when the manager will be in so I can come back to buy my food and drink?

Stop prank calling me! I even recorded the call. He lied to the police, since when is asking for the time a manager will be available, considered a prank call? Complete liar and a disgusting human being. I was a customer at in Odessa TX I was having trouble with a store and I spoke with the manager and he was saying sorry and then this man walked in and was rude to me from the start then he started talking to me and the whole time he keeped looking at my wife I looked at him in shock that this man was being so rude so I pointed out to him so that was my wife and all he said was she had a nice ass I looked at him with rage in anger all I wanted to do was drag him outside but my kids were there turn to find out he was a district manager for 7: Today, while at the on the corner of N.

Great Neck and Mill Dam Rd. What makes this appalling is the customer was a very senior citizen. The owner told this gentlemen [do not come in and pay with change, this is a convenience store and you are holding up the line].

This happened in front of 2 other customers and the clerk. When I called the store owner to discuss, I told him all money spends the same, it may have been the only money this man had, how would he feel if someone spoke to his parent this way I understand his "convenience theory", I am just so disgusted by the treatment and embarassment this elderly man must have felt!

A few weeks ago I called another store and they assured me 3 times they had shark straws for the slurpees. I was very upset because I drove about 30 minutes one way to get there only to be let down.

It angered me because as a parent I make every effort to keep my word and my promised to my children. I called the corp office and filed a complaint because of what happened. They had Ann from the Lem Turner store call me back. She stated she didn't have any of the shark straws but was trying to see if there was anything else I would like that she still had. Some of the items and straws she had were from previous promotions and my family loved.

We agreed to come in and buy them that Monday which just so happened to be my sons 10th birthday He apparently found them in St. Augustine and drove them all the way to this side of town just to make me happy which I was!

I'm sorry this is so late but I wanted to let Ann and JJ know that my family really appreciates what you both have done for us! My son got his birthday slurpee, his birthday cookie, a Star Wars cup and his shark straw that he uses with all of his slurpee's! Thank you both again! Jacksonville, Florida store. There was two cashiera a lady and a guy. I went to the cash register and the ladys cashier froze and asked the guy nicely if he could check me out.

He got a very bad attitude and snatched my things from my hand as well as my money. I had ordered a large pizza for my kids. When the oizza was ready he rudely told the lady to get it out using profanity. I asked if it was ok if I added jalapenos. He curssed me out grabbed a handful of jalapenos pushed the lady out of the way and threw the jalapenos onto the pizza. Never in my life have I experienced this at a That is so rude and so unprofessional. Not to mention he didnt even use gloves when adding the jalapenos.

The lady looked at him and said that was not the right thing to do. He started saying he didnt care. So when the lady gave me the oizza i asked for his name Martin. He started laughing tremendously loud and screaming bye bye bye. I did mention to the lady cashier I was going to report this issue because this is no the appropiate way to attend a customer. He once again laughed so loud, not to mention while he was cussing I had my 2 kids with me.

He just doesnt care at all. I tried calling corporate and all 5 times tgat I called was the 5 times they hung up on me. This is the issue with the employees that you have working there. This was and would be the last and final time I shop at that I would like to start by saying I'm a big fan of the "undercover boss" show. I understand that customer service is very important in the success of the overall experience--so that's why I am here to bring to your attention a location that is not in your good reputations best interest!

I do live right in the neighborhood of both stores and have for 40 years so its very obvious which one I will stop at-- given the choice I don't know if this short complaint will be caught on your radar but I do think its worth while to be looked into.

I find the worker's to be unprofessional. The Manager is very rude when you ask him a question. He never smile and give you a look of disdain and hatred when answering your question. I went in to purchase a dozen of eggs during a rain storm. I noticed that a piece of cardboard was placed at the door. When I exited after my purchase.

I tripped over the cardboard causing my eggs to fall out outside the door. I brought the broken eggs back to the counter and requested a refund. I was told that since the eggs fell on the ground outside. I could not get a refund. Another time, I was in the line with six other people and there was only one cashier. There was a female patron in front of me whom the cashier was helping. The transaction took approx.

After the transaction was complete the cashier continued to talk to the woman in African language for another 2 minutes, a female patron questioned why only 1 cahier was present and ask if he could help the 6 people who were waiting in line.

The cashier and the woman became agitated and started to speak loud in African dialect again. I told the cashier that he was wrong and to show a little professionalism and to not let the situation escalate. H started to yell at me and told me that he was not wrong. I told him to be quiet and just ring my items up and to take a look at the line which had grew in number.

Another African person came out and started talking to me loudly. I told them that I would be contacting corporate and I was told to "Do what you gotta do" nd to get the "fuck" out of here. Just left the on E. Vista Way Vista, CA. I live near that location, so i visit quite often. When i was about to pay tonight.

A new cashier was asking if i was paying by credit, or debit? And if i was paying by credit Company Policy would require an ID. Where is the sign,i am in the business, you can not require an ID for that. Kid was giving me attitude and called me dude! I will just call Corporate Offices. Does your Manager, DM, or even care?? I will go back and take pictures!!! The only commercial system that brews and dispenses frsh brewed sweet iced tea from real tea leaves and delivers it chilled, complete with the natural phytochemicals.

Compact system is fully automated and remotely controlled. Grab info - no obs. Hal Miller, Inventor phone The store here in Centreville, VA on right onRt 29 needs help. The ATM machine has not worked for over 1 month.

So then the other button is pressed and here you making the machine think that you want a mg or one of those gram thing sends. I have talked and talked to those people up there. They don't know what they are doing, or who is supposed to call the bank.

The store leases the machine, they are responsible for the machine, I am not, the machine is their problem not mine. They have told me, that I am to call the bank.

No that is not true. If it is, pls show the regs to me, signed by the CEO of the company, etc. The other problem is the card machine at the counter by the cashier. The thing don't and didn't work either. I finally had enough and walked out. Fix the machine on this store, its not my problem, its their problem, I am not the owner of the machine, nor do I lease it, own it etc etc.

I have gone to this store for yrs and yrs, and now this is how they treat customers. I go to the authorities in the county of the if its not fixed. Hello 7-eleven corporation, I walk by the 7 eleven in Marco Island Florida several times per week.

The store sits directly across a major development project where hundreds of workers pass over to the store daily. Also it is high season on the island so it is presumed the store is making a huge business. So it is disheartening to see daily garbage accumulate with the many workers who come to rest under a tree and get something to eat in very hot temperatures.

I have picked up around the store several times, in an effort to keep the corner looking clean. Perhaps a couple picnic tables could be afforded to let the workers not sit on the pavement and enjoy the short time to have something to eat. Please pay more attention to your property and upgrade the landscaping and provide recycle containers.

Management truly needs to pay more attention to this store. Thank you for hopefully stepping up to the property. The young lady at store must be retrained on how to finalize lottery winnings back to customer, She must wear a name tag and not give customers a attitude. This is not the way one should do this trnsaction, she must give the option of money or another lottery ticket. When one has several items on the counter she puts out a bag but doe not put items in the bag.

I really hope corperate reads this comment and contacts this manager and has her retrained, it is very wrong when the employee makes the customer feel like he or she is in the wrong. I would like to bring to your attention the manager of store New york Avenue in Huntington Station New York, and his erratic behavior with the customers at this store. I am not the only "regular" customer who feels this way. He has an unhealthy obsession with the parking lot and sticking notes on people's cars if they heaven forbid have to go to another store in the same stretch of buildings, which he has also started a war with by chaining off "his" part of the lot with theirs.

He has also cut a deal with a local body shop to tow away any car he sees sitting in the lot for more than 10 minutes. I understand that it is within his rights to do so, but he has taken this to the extreme. One day I was there getting my coffee and he's running around quoting the Koran and singing the praises of Allah!!!

That is not the time nor the place. He is very bigoted against his american and hispanic customer base and has made going to this store very uncomfortable for many people, many regular customers who will no longer be doing business with this establishment.

There are a LOT of us, and the word is spreading quickly, and we won't stop boycotting this store! Here is just ONE google review I have found: He towed the car of a 38 week pregnant patient from next door last week and today he verbally assaulted a patient by knocking on her car window and screaming profanity at her.

When she yelled back at he he called the cops on her and made a scene in my waiting room like an animal. This patient was 36 weeks pregnant. Because we work next door we always shopped here but not anymore until the owners do something about this woman hating lunatic' This is only a fraction of what he does. He puts more effort in throwing people out of there with his rudeness than he does trying to improve sales!

VERY bad for business, wouldn't you say? Personally, I'd like to see someone knock him in the head, but that's not the way to solve things, that is why I am writing this. Just thought someone should make you aware of his behavior. He goes by the name "Sonny", if that's even his real name. Maybe someone from corporate should look into this. He's giving and the owners a bad name.

My friend and I stopped by your store located at Wickham Road at approximately 3: My friend suffers a birth defect and only speaks Spanish. When we arrived at the store, we stood outside for a few minutes and talked.

We went into the store and my friend went to the rest room while I selected a couple of items and proceeded to the checkout. I ignored the situation as best I could and paid for my items and and went outside to wait for my friend to come out.

While waiting, the person who allegedly attempted to steal exited the store and went to his car and drove away. I got in my car to continue waiting for my friend and noticed Police come into the store. My friend comes out to get in the car and the police approached us very aggresively, asking for our ids. They treated us even more suspiciously because my friend did not speak English and had trouble understanding what was being said to him He is an American Citizen and has proper Id but they still treated him and I both very disrespectfully.

It is our intention to follow up on this with attorney. Your store manager treated us as if we were involved and we where not , as the videos will prove. Make sure that those video records do not somehow become unavailable becaue our Attorney will be asking for them. You are not going to get away with this sort of profiling and harassment as well as defamation of character. I am a lifetime member of this community and I should not be in a position where I cannot take advantage of the convenience that the location of this store affords me because the store manager did not handle the situation properly and let the bad guy get away.

After being grilled by the police about the incident involving the other person, who we did not know, the store manager complained that we had somehow assisted the suspects getaway and requested a trespass warrant on us. We did nothing wrong, paid for our items and minded our own business. Now there is a 2 year trespass warning on file and we will be arrested if we come back to the store.

See you in court!!! Oh it just occured to me-WaWa is just down the street now!!!!!!!!! I heard about what happened to the lady and her disabled friend at the Wickham Road Melbourne and since I am not one of those people who say - OH thats not right and then forget about it-I am putting my 2 whatever in. As a business owner who uses that particular store for fuel in my fleet vehicles, and the crews who ride in them and stop there for their morning munitions , I have instructed all of them to not be seen in one of my vehicles on the property of that store or ANY seven -eleven store.

If I hear of it it is grounds for immediate dismissal. Cumberland Farms is now MY company's pit stop of choice. Yes- I have paid the balance off of my citgo fuel card and cut it up. Treating those two good kids that way was a disgrace not only by seen eleven but by the Melbourn Police department and I hope they include the City in there lawsuit.

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Find a 7-Eleven convenience store in your area with our store locator. Visit a 7-Eleven near you for food, snacks, drinks, fuel, coffee and more. If you need a Slurpee, a Big Gulp, or any of the store's other iconic products, use our store locator. The company is a global brand with thousands of shops in the U.S. alone. As an industry innovator, the chain started many things customers now associate with all convenience stores. Complete in North Carolina Store Locator. List of all locations in North Carolina. Find hours of operation, street address, driving map, and contact information.

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